Fatal Ambience

Poetry with a Pulse

Destination of Us ——[Syn]

When are we going to wake up and realize we are destroying ourselves? Why do we do stupid things, then realize it was stupid, when we knew it was stupid in the first place?

Why is it that black men are the majority of the population in jail and in prison? Some not even reaching the age of 18 years old, already getting locked up for armed robbery, breaking and entering, home invasion, etc. Why do we allow ourselves to steer in the wrong directions, when we are capable of heading in the right direction?

When are we, as a people and a culture, going to rise up and wise up, and realize our potential is so much greater than the expectations we are given? We came into this world, with roots that trace back to out Motherland, Afrika. We were scholars, kings and queens. What happened to us?

We have lowered ourselves down to be slaves and prisoners of this country and society, mental salves to the truth of who we are, where we are from, and where we were destined to go. We were destined to be STRONG and INTELLIGENT. We were not made to become prisoners after the physical and mental anguish of slavery our ancestors fought so strongly against.

We have to come together and support, involve, and spread change. How about we pick up a book, the same way we pick up a gun. How about we pick a career and a future the same way we pick a fight that ends brutally or takes someone’s life. We are making decisions, but why is that my black brothers and sisters, seemingly are the ones too caught up in the status quo?

Why is it that when someone mentions positive change, and mentions that change starts with you and your mindset, people get offended, and jump to their own defense? We are so quick to say what we are not going to do, we don’t want to stick together to fix any of the situations that we do not like, but yet we sit back so easily to say what we don’t like and complain about it.

When you go to the suburbs and you see the nice looking neighborhoods, decent grocery stores in their neighborhoods, it’s because they work together to keep what they have looking nice. THEY WORK TOGETHER, but when we come together, someone has to always be the ignorant bunch out of the group to stir up drama and violence, and those are the people that are not conscious about the truth and awareness of who we are and the movement towards Black Revolutionary change. We have to do better than what we are doing. We are going to be our own downfall.


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